Choosing the right tree surgeon

Choosing a tree surgeon can be a risky and difficult decision, with so many businesses advertising aborist work there is always an abundance of choice and its hard to know who will do a good job, safely at the right price.


We would always reccomend getting quotes from a few businesses, having done this you will probably be left with some rather low and some that seem rather high.


Here are some things you should always ask a tree surgeon, to ensure you or your property are not going to be left in a pickle.


  • Are you insured? This should always be the first question you ask, there are many tree surgeons in the local area operating which do not have a correct public liability insurance, meaning if they cause damage to your property, a neighbours vehicle or even a member of the public, you could be liable, unless they have the correct insurance. 

  • Do you have the relevant qualifications? A good arborist will have spent many years taking practical exams and learning all of the relevant knowledge to ensure they can work on a tree safely, use a chainsaw correctly, understand how to reduce a tree but not harm it's health or stability, and have been taught technical lowering techniques to ensure no damage to property that could be damaged when the branches come down. Using a tree surgeon without the relevant qualifications could leave you with a dangerous tree or damaged property.

  • Can you show me some testimonials?  A well run and good tree surgery business should have many reviews and testimonials from past customers that they can show you, this will give you piece of mind that other people have paid for their work and were happy with the final outcome.

  • Do you have some pictures of your work? Another way to ensure the quality of their work is to ask for some pictures, they should be forthcoming and proud to show you there work.


Regardless of the price of the quote, you should always ask the above questions, tree surgery is one of the most dangerous professions out there and there is many things that can go wrong without the necessary training, experience and insurance.


If a quote seems very low, alarm bells should ring, for a reputable and professional tree surgery business to run there are extremely high running costs, overheads such as insurance, tool maintenance, refresher exams and the right tools, that someone able to quote very low may not have.


Saying this there are many good, well run tree surgery businesses locally, so get always get a few quotes and find the right tree surgeon for you.